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  • Fabio Malagnino

    Fabio Malagnino

    Giornalista del Consiglio regionale del Piemonte, social, egov/wegov, open knowledge, Torino Digitale. #sansalvario con il cuore alla Puglia. RT is not endorse

  • Eli Beckerman

    Eli Beckerman

    Writer & fighter for political transformation & system change to save our collective asses.

  • Rick Clark

    Rick Clark

  • Tony Sun

    Tony Sun

  • Jenna Spinelle

    Jenna Spinelle

    Writer, podcaster, and speaker in higher education. I love a good story and believe that everyone has one to tell.

  • Anderson Moraes

    Anderson Moraes

    Advogado. Professor. Degustador de Mate Couro.

  • Paul Fidalgo

    Paul Fidalgo

    Odd duck. twitch.tv/irregularpaul Opinions to not reflect those of my employers, nor likely anyone else.

  • Bob Hurka

    Bob Hurka

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